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Charge Types & Models

Each product has a charge model that determines how charges are calculated. The platform supports a variety of charge types and models, including one-time, recurring, volume pricing, tiered pricing, usage-based and overage charges.

Discount Models

The platform includes the following models for handling discounts and promotions for your products.


The platform allows you to prorate a partial month's fees in order to align your charges to a specific billing day. You can select which customers will be charged in prorated mode and which products can be excluded from proration. You can also define a billing day for a specific product.


The platform Taxation module allows to:

  • identify which of your products are taxable
  • calculate taxes based on customer's geographical location and/or type of product
  • support country specific taxes
  • support European Union's VAT rules
  • specify which customers are tax exempt

Multi-Currency Support

When expanding globally, it is critical to be able to bill your customers in local currencies and process online payments for your international customers. The platform allows you to define your pricing to multiple currencies and manage all aspects of billing and payment processing. 

Integrating with Third-Party Billing Systems

For integrating with third-party systems like SAP or Siebel we offer the following alternatives:

  • Use of our API
  • Use of our Integration Framework
  • Use of out of the box connectors
  • Data Exchange through CDR files

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