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Activating the integration with CPSM

The built-in integration of Cloud Platform with Citrix CPSM, enables the Citrix Service Providers (CSPs) to take advantage of an advanced business support system and create a unified environment for provisioning and billing cloud services

Provisioning Accounts to CPSM

When a new account is created in Cloud BSS, it can be synced with CPSM by setting his Synchronization Options. These are the customer code, his domain, if he is a reseller or a customer (his role) and from which location he will consume resources

Creating Products for Provisioning Hosted Applications

When the integration with CPSM has been activated for your Cloud BSS. a new product type called "Hosted Apps and Desktops" will be present in your BSS. This product type can be used by the product manager for defining your hosted applications offerings.

Understanding the "Hosted Apps and Desktops" Product Type

Usage Based Billing for Services Provisioned in CPSM

This post explains in the form of a use case how the integration layer handles the services that must be charged in a pay-per-use mode.

Adding in Workspace links to CPSM configuration pages

By adding in Workspace links that redirect the customer administrator to CPSM internal pages (in Single-Sign-On mode), the administrator can have Workspace as the reference point for configuring his services end-to-end.


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