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When an asset (a Software Subscription or an Azure Reservation) is created in reseller's BSS , it is copied automatically to distributor BSS. if this is the first "paid" record for reseller's end customer, we first copy the customer in distributor BSS before proceeding with asset creation.

Creation of Asset Record in Distributor BSS

There will always be an one-to-one relation between the assets in distributor and reseller BSSs. The asset we create in distributor BSS will have the following values:

  • Name: The Name of the subscription will be "End Customer Name - Product Name"
  • Customer (): The end customer 
  • Billing To ()The tenant reseller
  • Purchase Date (). It is copied from reseller's BSS
  • Status.  It is copied from reseller's BSS
  • Product, Quantity, Asset characteristics ()They are copied from reseller's BSS
    exception: the "subscription" field from the Azure Reservation asset is not copied in distributor's BSS
  • Provisioning sync status (): It will be updated from reseller's BSS.
  • Responsible User and Sharing rule. We set the options that have been defined for the account entity in "Use of API Options" section in setup area.
  • Asset billing options: The asset is billed using reseller's default pricelist or product's unit price if no pricelist found. No billing info is copied from reseller's BSS.

For the distributor to easily understand that an asset has been copied in his BSS from reseller's BSS, we display a ribbon with the note: “This asset is managed by <RESELLER NAME> Tenant Reseller

What Actions are Allowed to Distributor

Below is a list of action that the distributor is allowed to execute:

  • Edit Asset. The distributor can edit the copied asset but he cannot change any locked field. What he can do is to set values for any extra custom fields he may have setup for the asset entity, change the responsible user or  the "Bill to Contact.

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