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This page offers information on how to create a Comparison Matrix for the editions of a product group

Configuring the Properties of Product Types

When you create a product group you have to specify the Product Type of this product group (e.g. Hosted Exchange). In order to add two (or more) products in the same product group, these Products must be of the same product type. Each product type contains a set of Properties (Product Characteristics) which in fact are the attributes of the service of a product.

In order to configure the properties of a particular Product Type, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to Cloud BSS and select  Setup > Billing > Products > Product Types.
  2. Select the Product Type you wish to configure from the list of available Product Types of your Storefront.
  3. In the Product Type Details page you can configure the Properties of this Product Type.

Defining the Attributes of the Comparison Matrix

In order to display a comparison matrix between the editions of a product group in your Storefront:

  1. Select the "Storefront Options" tab of the Product Type Details page.
  2. Select which Product Characteristics of this Product Type will be displayed in the comparison matrix in Storefront, by moving a product characteristic from the list of Available Characteristics to the list of Selected Characteristics, using the blue arrows.

  3. Save the product type


In the below image you can view a comparison matrix between the editions of the Exchange service


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