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You can create a bundle product  for packaging solutions that complement each other and offer it as a single SKU to your customers and resellers. The first version of Bundling will support only subscription-based bundles that consist of two or more recurring products or add-ons.  For a product to be included in a bundle, it must be available to all units and currencies the bundle supports and it can participate in the bundle with more than one licenses.

The cost and sell price of a bundle is calculated automatically from the pricing rules you have defined for its products. 

Creation of a Bundle

For creating a new Bundle you should select the "Add Product Bundle" option from the "Add" menu.

This action will load the new bundle form. In this form you should define the following:

  • Generic fields. A bundle has the same generic fields as the rest products. You should define its name, its code etc.
  • Available units and currencies. You should define which are the available units and currencies for your bundle. Since in the first version we only support subscription based bundles, the available units are only the recurring units.

By pressing "Save", a new bundle will be created with the options you defined.

After saving your bundle, the available units and currencies can be changed only from the "Pricing" section as for the rest products.

Defining the Bundle Products

The next step is to define the products that will be included in this bundle.

You should select the "Assign" action from the "Products" section. This action will display a search form for defining the product you wish. This pop-up includes only products that are available to all bundle units and currencies.

The product you selected will be displayed now in the "Products" section for defining how this product will participate in the bundle.

  1. Pricing rule. You should define how this product will contribute to the calculation of product's bundle price. You have the following options:
    1. Currency Amount. Use this option if you want to define a fixed price (e.g. $7)
    2. Percent of Sell Price. Use this option if you want to define a discounted price by setting the discount percentage.
    3. Percent Markup / Percent Margin - Cost Price. The last two option can be used for defining the price as a margin or markup above its cost price. 
  2. Quantity. Define how many licenses of this product will be include in one bundle license.

The pricing rules are always defined in bundle's default unit (e.g. month)

You can should execute the above process for each product you want to add in your bundle. All bundle products will be displayed in the same section, one next to each other.

Viewing the Bundle Products in Different Billing Cycles

You need to define the pricing rule only in bundle's default unit and for the rest units the price are calculated automatically.

Viewing the Bundle Products in Different Currency

You can view which are the prices of the bundle products in a different currency by changing the currency from the top right option.

The "pricing rule" and the quantity fields are available regardless which currency you view but any change you may do it will be applied to all currencies. Both the pricing rule and the quantity are common for all currencies.

Adding an Add-on as a Bundle Product

If you want your bundle to include an add-on, you must include first in your bundle a primary product that has this add-on. Then from the the "Add Add-on" action, that is available for each bundle product, you will be able to add an add-on too. 

The pop-up form displays only the add-ons that are

  • Available for the selected product 
  • Available to all bundle units and currencies.

The selected add-on will be added in the "Products" section for setting its parameters.

Understanding how Bundle Prices are calculated

The cost and sell price of a bundle is calculated automatically from the pricing rules you have defined for its products. 

The prices for a bundle are displayed in the "Pricing" section we are using for the rest products too. But these prices cannot be changed manually. In the Pricing section are read-only and they can change only if you change the pricing rules of the bundle products.

The sell and cost prices of a bundle are updated automatically when the prices of the included products change. If for example a product participates in a bundle with a discount on its sell price, changing the sell price of the product will change automatically the sell price of the bundle too.

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  1. Stella Psarianou  this is the KB page for the bundle creation. Review it please and let me know if I missed something or it's wrong. cc Vicky Proikoglou

  2. Apostolos Karakaxas Έχω κάποιες παρατηρήσεις :

    1. Καλό είναι στην αρχή να αναφέρεις ότι κάνουν define και το base unit το οποίο καθορίζει σε ποιό Unit θα επεξεργαστούν τις τιμές τον Product bundles αργότερα
    2. Αναφέρεις ότι μετά το Creation μπορούν να αλλάξουν units & currencies από το Edit Prices. Αυτό όμως δεν είναι σωστό γιατί εκεί καθορίζουν τα Units & τα currencies στα οποία θα είναι το Bundle διαθέσιμο. Τα available Currencies & units στο edit page στην υσία ορίζουν τα προιόντα που θα κάνεις assign ποιά units & currencies πρέπει να έχουν για να μπορούν να φορτωθούν. Αν θες να τα αλλάξεις μετά το Save μπορείς να κάνεις Edit το Bundle και να τα αλλάξεις, αλλά μόνο εφόσον δεν υπάρχει assign Product στο Bundle.

    Πες μου αν θες περισσότερες λεπτομέρειες. Δεν ξέρω αν έχει πολύ νόημα να αναφέρεις ότι πχ το addon πάει ανα προιόν άρα μπορείς να το προσθέσεις και 2 φορες αν το κάνεις assign σε 2 διαφορετικά Sub-Products. Υπάρχουν κι άλλες λεπτομέρειες που δεν ξέρω αν έχει πολύ νόημα να τις αναφέρεις

    Vicky Proikoglou

    1. ara telika apo thn pricing pop-up mporw mono na afairesw ena unit pou eixa epelexei arxika - den mporw na prosthesw neo unit oute neo currency? Alla opws blepw oute apo to edit mporw na prosthesw neo unit kai currency. Oti bazw sthn arxh kleidwnei apo oti blepw me to poy bazw ena product sto bundle. Xekleidwnei mono an afairesw ola ta products..

      Ayto den einai katholou leitourgiko. Den ginete na mhn mporw sto mellon na energopoihsw ena neo unit h ena neo currency. Tha prepei na yparxei ayth h dynatothta apla otan px energopoieis ena neo currency na elegxoume an ola ta products tou bundle to yposthrizoun kai an oxi na bgainei ena alert oti den mporei na ginei h energopoihsh dioti to x, z product den to yposthrizoun. An ola to exoun to currency na mporei na oloklhrwnete h energopoihsh. Ayto to exete na to ftiaxete? cc Anastasios Tsipidis

      1. Apostolos Karakaxas  "kai an oxi na bgainei ena alert oti den mporei na ginei h energopoihsh dioti to x, z product den to yposthrizoun" Αυτός δεν είναι ο βέλτιστος τρόπος νομίζω.

        Το καλύτερο πιστεύω είναι να βγαίνει πάντα διαθέσιμη η τομή, και συνεπώς πάντα να επιτρέπεται η αλλαγή currency/unit κατά το δοκούν - όπως και είχε προδιαγραφεί εξ' αρχής! Παρ' όλα αυτά μπορεί να έρθει σε δεύτερη φάση ως improvement (v2.0) Stella Psarianou

        1. Μα δεν μπορεις να επιτρέψεις αλλαγή currency αν δεν το υποστηρίζουν όλα τα sub products! τι εννοείς να είναι διαθέσιμη η τομή?

          1. Αυτό εννόω την τομή! Αν υποστηρίζεται δηλαδή από όλα τα sub-products!