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Each object of BSS  (Accounts / Offers / Orders etc..) references a variety of out-of-the-box fields. Apart from those system fields, you are also allowed to add as many custom fields as you need in order to capture additional information in BSS.

As an BSS administrator, you are able to proceed with the customization of all BSS entities as you have been granted full access to the BSS setup mode.

Note that system fields cannot be removed and their label cannot be modified by any BSS user. As an BSS administrator user, you can only proceed with customizing their values according to your business needs. In contrast with system fields, custom fields are created by an administrator from scratch and can be added or removed at any time as they are fully editable. 

 Edit or Add a Value to a System Field

Follow the instructions below to edit the system fields:

  1. Login into BSS and access the Set-up mode
  2. Select the module you need (e.g. accounts contacts, invoices, subscriptions, etc.) and under section "Customization of default fields" you will view the available customizations for the system fields. Select the system field whose values will be modified. 

  3. On the new page, a list of values is displayed. You can edit the values of the existing entries, or proceed to insert a new entry. To insert a new entry select a number, fill in the 'Description', choose a 'Default' field optional) and click the '+' icon. 

  4. Click 'Save'

Keep in Mind!

The values of a system field are being displayed in a drop down menu. In case you want to arrange the order of the existing values type the number you type there indicates the display order of each value in the drop down list. 

Create and Manage Custom Fields

Create a Custom Field

For each entity, you can create new fields (custom fields), in order to capture data that are needed to support specific business requirements.

Here is how to do that:

  1. Login into BSS and access the Set-up mode
  2. Select the module you need (e.g. accounts, contacts, invoices, subscriptions, etc.) and under section "Other Customizations" click on 'Custom Fields'. 

  3. On the 'Custom Fields' screen click on the "Add" button. A new pop up window appears. 

  4. Complete the necessary information and click on the "Save and Close" option in order to display the field on the object's page. Below you will find the most basic details for the new field:
    1. Name: The name of the filed that will be dispalyed at BSS
    2. Type: the type of the value
    3. Group: the group the field will belong. 
    4. Ordering: If there are more than one fields at the group, this signifies the ordering rank
    5. Compulsory field: if this field is compulsory, it will have to be filled
    6. Set Custom field as search criterion: This enables the use of the field at the search facility of the system
    7. Value Type: Based on the 'Type' of the field, you can select more options here
    8. Default Value: Signifies a specific, 'default' value for every entity 

Please keep in mind that if you are planning to push or pull any kind of custom fields with an API call, you will have to populate the field 'Code for Provisioning System' with any numeric code (ex. 1245), of your preference.

Define display rules for Custom Fields

You can modify the way a custom field will be displayed at the BSS. You can create a rule that will define the display of the field according to a rule being valid:

  1. At the 'Display Rules' section, click on the drop down list and select a customer attribute
  2. Then click the magnifying glass to retrieve the entries for each attribute. 

  3. Select as many as you want, click 'Insert to Selected' and then Add'

  4. That's it. The field will be displayed if the above attributes are valid for the entity

Some entities (accounts, Support cases, orders) support the display of a custom field to the Storefront! You can achieve this, by navigating to the 'Advanced Options' tab of the new custom field and mark the 'Show in Stroefront '

Group Custom Fields

If you need to create a new 'Group', follow the next steps:

    1. At the 'Custom Fields' page, hover your mouse over the 'Groups' option. From the drop down list select 'New Group'

    2. At the pop-up screen fill in the group details and click 'Save'

Set security level to control access to Custom Fields

You can set the access rights to this group (and the underlying fields) in the following manner:

  1. At the 'Custom Fields' page, click on an existing group (orange highlight)

  2. Then, hover your mouse over the 'Groups' option.From the drop down list select 'Add/Edit Group'

  3. Click the magnifying glass to access the available application users / user groups

  4. Click on the desired user or user group. Exit the screen and click 'Save'

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