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In platform the Azure service must be defined as a pay-per-use product with consumption based billing. In addition, we must define the CSP billing date on the product, since Microsoft always uses this date as the anniversary date for the Azure billing cycle.

Definition of the Azure Product

The definition of the product is very simple since you only need to define the correct product type and to set its charge type to pay-per-use.

Which is the Sell Price of the Azure Product?

There isn't a single sell price for the Azure product because what we charge for the Azure service are the consumption of the resources. Depending of what the customer has deployed in Azure, tens or hundreds of resources may be charged to the customer. The sell price for these resources is Microsoft's suggested retail price.

Define the correct billing day for your Azure Product

The Azure subscriptions must be billed the day that Microsoft bills the CSP. Follow the instructions described in page Billing an Azure Subscription for setting the correct billing day for your Azure product.



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