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This page offers information on how you can allow anonymous users to self register in your Storefront. Upon registration completion, your new customer will be able to place an order in your Storefront.

Enable Users Self-Registration

In order to enable users self-register to your Storefront, first you have to Enable Anonymous Access. Once you enable Anonymous Access, check "Allow self-registration" in order to enable self-registration for anonymous users.


Approval Step

In order to learn how to activate the Approval Step for self-registered users, follow the Activating Approval Step for self-registered users guide.

Define Billing Options for Self-Registered Customers

Once a customer is self-registered, Platform creates a Customer Account and a customer contact, authorized to order on behalf of this account.

In the appearing Self-registration Settings box, follow the steps below to set the default billing options for customers that are self-registered.

Check Billing & Payment Options for Accounts page for a detailed explanation of the following options

  1. Select the default Payment Method for self-registered users from the list of available payment methods you have predefined.

  2. In case you wish to enable Prorate Billing for self-registered customers, check the relative box and select billing day.

  3. Once you enable Prorate Billing, you also need to define Partial Charges Invoicing for self-registered customers.

  4. In order for your self-registered customers to receive invoices via email notifications, check "Auto invoice notification".

  5. By checking "Allow Registration of Resellers" you enable self-registered customers to become Resellers of your Cloud Services Catalogue, which means that they can purchase on behalf of their end customers.

  6. Select the default transaction currency for your self-registered customers by setting the currency you wish in the "Currency that customers pay with" field. Check Invoicing in Local Currency (Transaction Currency) for more details.



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