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Installing the G Suite Service Manager

The G Suite module is available from installer

Activating the Integration with G Suite

For the automatic provisioning of G Suite applications, we have implemented a service manager that handles the provisioning of the services to the end customers. Each distributor that is using Platform for offering G Suite services, must generate his own authentication credentials (client ID, client secret, token) in order to activate the automatic provisioning of G Suite services via Platform.

Defining G Suite Products

In platform you can define your GSuite Products by creating products of type GSuite or GSuite Flexible.

Ordering a G Suite Product

The ordering process for an G Suite product is similar with the process of any other cloud application. The customer must select one of the G Suite plans you have published in your Storefront, to add extra licenses if he wishes and to complete his order by checking out his basket.

Managing G Suite Products

Your resellers can view and manage customers' GSuite license from your Marketplace by accessing My workspace.

Getting a Test Reseller Account for G Suite Cloud Services

A 'Test', or 'Sandbox' is used in order to simulate the provisioning workflows without incurring any costs to the vendor. Typically, Google does not offer a “sandbox environments” for G Suite Services, however, you can create a “Test Reseller Account” which requires the manual conversion of a “normal/standard” account to a “test” account, by Google.

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