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A list of all published user guide pages and training videos that will help you using storefront for offering services to your customers. 

Placing an Order for an End Customer Marketplace offers you an easy way to expand your services portfolio.  As an Catalogue Partner, you are able to serve your End Customers by purchasing services from Marketplace on behalf of them. You can easily navigate through Catalogue, add the desired services to your basket and specify the end-customer on behalf of whom you purchase, before you proceed with the completion of order submission.

Setting up End Customers Services

"My WorkSpace" allows you to manage yours and your end customer’s services, purchased via Marketplace. In this page you will find information how to setup the services Cloud Data Center, Cloud Server, Cloud Firewall, Cloud Database, Hosted Exchange and MS Cloud Services

Managing End Customers Subscriptions

Through the Billing functionality of the Marketplace you can have access to all subscriptions and you can view subscriptions per end-customer.   

Access to Billing Information

The Marketplace offers you an effective billing experience through the Billing functionality offered. You can easily access your customers' invoices and manage their subscriptions & services. As an Catalogue Partner, you have total control over your end customers and the primary billing relationship with them.

Placing Orders for Existing Office 365 Lite Partner Customers

For customers of Lite Partners who have already purchased MS cloud Services before joining a Member Partner, a slightly difference process must be followed.

Cancelling Subscriptions

One of the actions that can take place during the lifetime of a subscription, is a cancellation event. This can be initiated from the Storefront. A cancellation event signifies that the subscription will be rendered inactive, thus blocking any further use of provisioned resources, along with stopping any further charging of the customer for the underlying service of the subscription. Subscription cancellations can take place for all kinds of products supported in Cloud Platform.



  1. Haris Vagenas please do not refer to partners as customers, amend your success plan to refer to partners instead of customers

  2. Vasilios Zografos - Thanks for the heads up. Have changed all references. The reasoning was that from the Customer Success Dept.'s P.O.V., each project concerns a department 'Customer'.

    1. As we want to approach partners with this guides everything must refer them.