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The AVG ordering experience is different from other services in platform. AVG services are quite a lot and multiple ordering actions are allowed, so we have employed our 'Wizard' facility to offer a seamless ordering experience for your customers! How you can have everything in place? Lets start with the basics:

Importing AVG Services

After the AVG Instance is in place, the next step is to import all AVG SKU's to the system. That is necessary, because each AVG service needs to be created as a product in BSS so as to be used in transactions. In order to conclude this step easily, we will use the Product Importer feature.

However, you need to note some specifics about the use of Importer for AVG services.

  1. During the first step of the import (1st Step - Upload your Excel File) you must define the AVG Product type accordingly:

  2. Take heed to fill in mandatory fields, that are used from the Service Manager to provision the services!

Creating the Product Group

Next step is the creation of the AVG Product Group. The product group is used both as a presentation layer for the AVG services at the Storefront, as well as the place where the customers will find the Wizard for the ordering process.

You can see more information for creating a Product Group here: Managing Product Groups

Especially for AVG Product Groups, you need to use this method for including all AVG products under the AVG Group: Managing Product Groups#UsingtheIncludeallProductsAction

How To Handle New SKU Import

In case you need to enhance the AVG service offering with additional SKU's, then you must also perform the following actions so that the new SKU's fall under the existing AVG Product Group.

  1. Locate the AVG Product Group and click: Edit

  2. Change the product type and save

  3. Edit again, and revert the product type back to AVG. Save again and you are done!

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