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Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform and infrastructure for building, deploying, and managing applications and services through Microsoft-managed data centers. platform supports the automatic provisioning of Microsoft Azure service as part of the MS Cloud Services Service Manager we offer.  In our platform the Azure service will be a pay-per-use product with consumption based billing.  For every active Azure subscription, we collect in a daily basis the usage data from Microsoft and we bill them at the end of each billing cycle. 

Defining the Azure Product

In platform the Azure service must be defined as a pay-per-use product with consumption based billing. In addition, we must define the CSP billing date on the product, since Microsoft always uses this date as the anniversary date for the Azure billing cycle.

Ordering an Azure Subscription

The ordering process for the Azure product is similar with the process the customers follow for the Office 365 products. The only difference is that the customer is not billed upfront but in arrears based on consumption.

Viewing the Consumption of an Azure Subscription

Our platform collects Azure usage data on daily basis using the Azure Resource Usage API. These data are accessible from the customer in subscription details page in Storefront.

Billing an Azure Subscription

Azure subscriptions are charged at the end of each billing period since they are billed based on consumption. Through platform you will get all the details of the consumption, broken down per Azure SKU.

Setting how often Azure Usage Records and their Rates are Collected

For collecting in daily basis the Azure usage data, we have implemented the Azure Usage Update service. For getting Microsoft's rates we have implemented the Azure RateCard service.

Both services are deployed during installation in the following locations:

Setting Azure Budget Alerts

A budget will give the ability to your resellers and direct customers to setup a threshold for the consumption of each of their Azure subscriptions. With budgets they can view If the current cost of their Azure subscription is reaching close to the cost budget they defined. This functionality is available only to your customers and resellers via your Storefront.

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