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Activating the Integration with Microsoft Cloud Services

The service manager we have implemented for the automatic provisioning of Microsoft cloud services requires the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) to have access to CSP Commerce REST API (CREST API). Microsoft has exposed this API for creating customer accounts and purchasing and managing orders and subscriptions of Microsoft products. 

Activating the Integration with Microsoft German Cloud

Through platform you can enable multiple Microsoft Partner Center instances that reflect different cloud infrastructures within Microsoft Ecosystem. One such case is the German Cloud infrastructure which offers an alternative environment for the deployment of Azure Services. In the following article you will see how you can activate the German Cloud integration.

Support for Multiple Partner Center Instances platform supports concurrent access to multiple Microsoft partner centers. This is very useful if you operate in different geographical regions and you have a different partner center account per region

Automatic Update of MS Cloud Services Catalogue

Microsoft updates their product catalog in a monthly basis by adding new products or discontinuing old ones. Because it's a very demanding task to keep your product catalog aligned with all the changes Microsoft does every month, platform supports automatic update of MS cloud services catalog. 

Annual Billing Option for Microsoft Products

Enabling the Annual Billing Option

For enabling the annual billing option for your Microsoft products, you need to enable both the billing cycle in your BSS and to activate the annual provisioning option in Microsoft Cloud Services settings.

Managing the Annual Products

The annual products are not new SKUs, they are the existing Microsoft plans with the annual billing option enabled. So, there is no need for executing any special process for activating them in your BSS.

Reconciling Microsoft Subscriptions

For reconciling MS O365 BSS subscriptions with their Partner Center equivalents, we have implemented a tool called "Subscriptions Validation/Reconciliation" that is available in BSS Setup > Tools. The tool offers Partner Center details about each subscription, but more importantly it validates BSS subscription vs Partner Center and reports the findings on a user friendly interface. Additionally, it can be used to apply corrective actions if it detects an issue.

Ordering an Office 365 Service

Ordering for a new Customer

The process that follows describes the steps that are needed to order an MS Cloud Offering for an end-customer.

Ordering for an Existing Office 365 Tenant

When an order for an existing Office 365 tenant is placed in your Storefront (either by a reseller on behalf of the end customer or from a direct customer), the existing tenant must

Managing Microsoft Cloud Services

Setting up the Service

When a customer of yours purchase an MS Cloud Service, the administration of the service takes place through the Microsoft Cloud Services Portal. He can find a shortcut to the Portal through the 'Workspace' section of the Storefront.

As a reseller, he can view the workspaces of all his customers. He can click on the one he wants to access the service setup panel.

Managing your Microsoft Tenants

Import Office 365 Customers

This tool is used for importing partner center tenants in BSS. This is particularly handy during the initialization of the system by a CSP partner that has already started transacting through CSP Channel. The tool supports MS tenant import under both 'CSP Direct' & 'CSP Indirect' partnership levels!

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform and infrastructure for building, deploying, and managing applications and services through Microsoft-managed data centers. platform supports the automatic provisioning of Microsoft Azure service as part of the MS Cloud Services Service Manager we offer.

Managing Tier-2 Resellers

Light Resellers

If you are a indirect CSP, your resellers can use your Storefront for placing order for their end customers.  Resellers that are using your Storefront are called "Lite Resellers" and below is a diagram of the ordering process for a reseller

Tier-2 Tenant Resellers

The indirect CSP can have tenant resellers beneath him. The tenant resellers are resellers with their own Marketplace for receiving customers orders.

Managing Microsoft Dynamics Plans

A customer can have multiple Microsoft Dynamics instances for accommodating his need for different environments like staging, testing and production environments. For supporting this scenario, you must:

  1. Configure the system to create a new Dynamics subscription in Partner Center every time a new order is placed
  2. Instruct your customers to purchase extra licenses for an existing instance from subscription details page

Confirm Customer Acceptance of Microsoft Cloud Agreement (MCA)

As partners of Microsoft you need to obtain your customer’s acceptance of the Microsoft Cloud Agreement (MCA) before you can order Microsoft products and services for that customer. For supporting this we have implemented the following automations:

  • Obtain your customer's acceptance of the MCA before placing an order for Microsoft products in your Marketplace.
  • Obtain from your resellers the confirmation that their customers have accepted the MCA before placing an order on behalf of them in your Marketplace.
  • Have a log when your customers or resellers confirmed the acceptance of MCA



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