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  • Activation Process
  • Automatic Update of MS Cloud Services CatalogueMicrosoft updates their product catalog in a monthly basis by adding new products or discontinuing old ones. Because it's a very demanding task to keep your product catalog aligned with all the changes Microsoft does every month, platform supports automatic update of MS cloud services catalog. 
  • Bulk Migration of your Existing Customers & SubscriptionsFor migrating your existing customers and their subscriptions in your BSS, we have implemented an import tool that is used for importing partner center tenants in BSS. This is particularly handy during the initialization of the system by a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partner that has already started transacting through a CSP Channel. The tool supports Microsoft Tenant import under both CSP Direct (Tier 1) & CSP Indirect (Tier 2) partnership levels! 
  • Ordering & Billing for Office 365 platform allows your customers and resellers to place orders for any plan you can reseller as a Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP). 
  • Microsoft AzureMicrosoft Azure is a cloud computing platform and infrastructure for building, deploying, and managing applications and services through Microsoft-managed data centers. platform supports the automatic provisioning of Microsoft Azure service as part of the MS Cloud Services Service Manager we offer.
  • Microsoft Azure Reservations
  • Microsoft Software Subscriptions
  • Microsoft Office 365 TrialsOur platform automates the management of Office 365 trials by automatically enabling the trial option for the eligible Office 365 plans and by allowing your customers and your resellers to get a trial for the plan they wish to evaluate.
  • Reconciliation Process
  • Provisioning your Customers as Microsoft TenantsThe steps described in this page are necessary only if you are planning to place an Office 365 or Azure order directly from Cloud BSS. For orders placed from your customers and resellers directly in your Storefront, the creation of the tenants in Microsoft Partner Center is managed automatically by our platform.



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  1. Apostolos Karakaxas

    A prospect today asked if he can see email quota consumption or receive alerts if, for instance, a customers O365 email quota is full. I said that this is usage info. He said that this has recently been exposed by Microsoft through their graph APIs

    Can we confirm this is the case? If so, are we planning to do anything with this data?

    Stamatis Barbounakis FYI

    1. Miltos Antoniadis  Stamatis Barbounakis  you should forward this question to PMG team cc Anastasios Tsipidis  Vasilis Tsantiotis  and please do not make comments under our public pages... they are not viewable of course, but you better add a discussion for this issues.