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Supported versions: Dynamics NAV 2013 R2, Dynamics NAV 2015, Dynamics NAV 2016, Dynamics NAV 2017, Dynamics NAV 2018

Supported Synchronization Options: Accounts, Contacts, Products, Invoices, Invoice Items, Orders, Order Items, Payments

MS Dynamics OData Settings

In order to use Integration Framework with MS Dynamics NAV on-premise or Azure installation, oData web services must be enabled.

Activating the MS Dynamics NAV Connector

The activation of the integration connector can be done from BSS Setup. For creating a new NAV instance you must navigate to BSS > Setup > System Options > Systems Setup and select the Activate action for the NAV connector. You will be asked to set a unique name for the new instance that will be created.

Supported Push and Pull Methods

This page explains which are the Push and Pull methods supported by MS Dynamics NAV connector. Push are the methods where platform sends information to NAV and pull are the methods where we get information from NAV. For each method the data transformation schema is explained.






Invoice Items


Order Items


Customizing and Testing the NAV Connector

If you want to extend or amend the out-of-the-box functionality that is offered from our NAV connector, you can do so from the "edit integration" page. The extensions you can do is to change the mapping between the and NAV entities, or to implement new push and pull methods that are not currently supported from our connector.

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  1. Thomas Zisopoulos μετέφερα εδώ το documentation του NAV. Έλεγξε αν είναι όλα οκ και πρέπει αν έχεις αλλαγές να γίνουν εδώ cc Vicky Proikoglou  George Koskinopoulos

  2. Unknown User (d.poulianou)  Unknown User (e.kolliga)  the documentation of the first system that we integrated using our integration framework

  3. Apostolos Karakaxas and Stamatis Barbounakis you know that this is not for free and that we sell the integration I presume. look at Integrations Extensions

    1. Vasilios Zografos Stamatis Barbounakis  yes I know but the license server doesn't support it yet. I'll add an issue to implement it

  4. Vasilios Zografos Apostolos Karakaxas

    Βασίλη το ξέρω, αλλά αφού αποφάσισες να χρεώνουμε και την δυνατότητα που τους δίνουμε να το κάνουν μόνοι τους, τουλάχιστον θα πρέπει να τα κάνουμε όλα αυτά documented, δηλ, εκτός από τιμοκατάλογο θα πρέπει να έχουμε και μπροσούρες για όλα μαζί αλλά και για το καθένα χωριστά από τα Extensions (είτε αφορούν integrations είτε όχι)...

    Επιπλέον, πρέπει για να το πουλήσουμε να μας το δείξει ο Αποστόλης και να μας εκπειδεύσει σε αυτό συζητώντας και επιχειρήματα για το πως θα μπορεί να πουλιέται καλύτερα

    Αποστόλη θα το κανονίσεις?

    1. Stamatis Barbounakis  nai tha kanonisw ekpaideysh gia ta sales / marketing gia ayth thn ebdomada

  5. Stamatis Barbounakis  Vasilios Zografos  aytoi poy plhrwnoyn na tous kanoume integration me ta systhmata tous ektos apo ta development services exoun kati allo? Exoume thn disway pou exei to NAV kai exoume kai thn TechSoup pou agorase integration me Netsuite kai Zendesk