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Activating the Integration with Microsoft ESD

The service manager we have implemented for the automatic provisioning of Microsoft ESD services is been based on Microsoft CIS API (Channel Inclusion Services (CIS) Electronic Software Distribution (ESD)). Microsoft has exposed this API for creating perpetual licenses to their partner's end customers. 

Automatic Update of Microsoft ESD Products Catalogue

Updating the Microsoft ESD services Catalogue

For updating your MS ESD services catalogue with the changes Microsoft has done , you must run the Get Services Definition in BSS Setup > Administration > System Options > Applications Setup > Microsoft ESDSettings.

Managing the Updated ESD Products

The management of the updated products differs depending on the catalog status they have. Below are the actions you must do per case.

Ordering an ESD License

The process that follows describes the steps that are needed to order an ESD product for an end-customer.

Managing your ESD Licenses

When a customer purchases an ESD license, an asset record is created in our system similar to the subscription record that is created for a recurring product. In this page we explain what information we keep in the asset record for each ESD license, what actions you can do for your ESD licenses and how you or your customers can manage them.

Cancelling an ESD License

This page explains how you can cancel an ESD license. 

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  1. Unknown User (s.psarianou)  the documentation is ready. Please review and let us know if we missed something. cc Vicky Proikoglou

  2. Anastasios Tsipidis Vasilios Zografos Vasilis Tsantiotis Unknown User (p.smyrli) Miltos Antoniadis  Stamatis Barbounakis Michael Angelos Nikolaidis Pelagia Papoulidou  Milena Kalatha  the ESD documentation is ready. Next week we'll schedule an internal meeting for demonstrating and delivering to sales team the demo environment and we'll schedule also the first meetings with the customers