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In order to handle Microsoft Product catalog for Country Tenants, actions need to take place both in the root environment and also in the Country Tenant. This article describes the required actions.

Root Environment

  1. On the root environment the MS Cloud Services instances must be updated: Updating the Microsoft Cloud Services Catalogue
  2. Then the New Products must be configured for Storefront access: Managing the Updated Products
  3. Prices must be updated: Updating MS O365 Prices
  4. Country tenant BSS must be updated: Applying Office 365 Updates

Country Tenant

On the Country tenant, the maintenance actions include the addition of the new products / addons, to any price-lists that have been created for CSP customers.

If the Country Tenant supports transactions in additional currencies other than the operating currency of the CSP's Partner Center, then the price update must again be repeated on the Coutnry Tenant, for the additional currencies.

Also, The additional currency price-lists must also be updated with the new products!

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