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For a customer or reseller to purchase a Microsoft subscriptions product, you need first to publish them in your Storefront following the same process you are using for the Office 365 plans.

Publishing Microsoft Subscriptions In your Storefront

The Software subscriptions products are created automatically in your system. What you need to do for being available to your customers and your resellers, is to publish them in your Storefront by following the instructions described in Publish a Product in Storefront page.

The Software subscriptions products can be published in your Marketplace either as part of a product group or separately, each one with it's own marketing material. 

Ordering a Software Subscription Product

The ordering process for Software subscription products is similar to the process your customers and resellers are using for the Office 365 products.

By selecting one of the available plans, they will be directed to the "add to basket" page for setting the number of licenses they want:

Then, the selected Software subscription plan will be added in the basket.

When the checkout process has been completed, there will be an asset record that represents in our system the purchased Software subscription product. We will generate also the invoice for charging in advance for 1 or 3 years license pack your customers purchased.

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