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IwCP only supports the redirection method for performing automated payments through Paymill. That means that reccuring payments can only be initiated by the user. This page explains the available processes to facilitate that. In order to perform the reccuring payments a customer has two options: One is to use the Storefront facilities for paying the charges and the other is to pay through the respective system invoice, using the appropriate link.

How a Customer can Pay an Outstanding Invoice


  1. Login at the Storefront and navigate at the 'Billing' section. CLick on the invoice you want to pay.

  2. Click on the 'Pay Invoice' button

  3. At the 'Invoice Payment' screen, fill in the respective credit card details and click 'Next'

  4. Upon succesful payment, you are informed of the outcome. Click 'Close'.

How a Customer can Pay the Overdue Invoices


  1. Login at the Storefront and navigate at the 'Billing' section. Click the 'Pay Overdue' button.

  2. At the pop up, fill in the credit card details. Note that the amount references the total for all overdue invoices 

Paying through Invoice pdf 

Apart from using the Storefront for making a payment, the customer can also use the link in invoice pdf file. If you send the invoice to the customer via email, the customer can open the invoice in question and click the Pay with Credit Card link.

You can refer to information here for checking failed payment transactions

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Additional Resources

Paymill site

Test Credit cards

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