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With our Payment Gateway Integration Framework, your development team will be able to connect the platform with any payment gateway with very little effort!

Payment Gateway Plugin

Plugins are used to extend the functionality of platform and you can develop your own payment gateway plugin for integrating with the gateway you wish. This article will guide you through the process of creating your own plugin. The architecture is designed here

Payment Gateway SDK

PaymentGatewayBase class  has several methods and fields which are required to implement.

  • DisplayName: This is a user friendly name that will be used for labels from the platform.
  • Category  : It is an enumeration type GatewayCategoryEnum and the available options are here.
  • Settings: This is a dictionary type (IDictionary<string, GatewaySetting>). It includes all the settings that the provider requires and they will be available in BSS Setup.
  • SettingsInstructions: The instructions that the user will see at Payment Gateway Setup page of platform.A html descriptions that will be show in BSS Setup (right column).
  • GetTransaction: This method returns a <TransactionResponseDetails> object that includes information about the transaction.
  • GetTransactionByResponseData: This method returns a <TransactionResponseDetails> object that includes the information of the transaction based on the response data that comes from the Redirection URL response (Only for redirection methods).

    GetTransactionByResponseData comments..
               /* take a look here.
                   return new TransactionResponseDetails()
                        Result = new TransactionResult
                            IsSuccess = //boolean
                            ErrorCode = //if there is a code error,
                            ErrorMessage = //if there is an error message
                        TransactionPaymentId = //BSS id that is being used from both systems
                        TransactionId = //gateway’s transaction id
                        CreditCardMaskedNumber = //the masked number of the card
                        ExpirationMonth = //if it is available
                        ExpirationYear = //if it is available
                        CreditCardToken = //the token that will be saved in BSS
  • PrepareTransaction: This method "prepares" the transaction and it must return a transaction token or a redirection URL based on the category.
  • ExecuteTransaction: This method executes the transaction. There is a request object that holds all the required info. It completes the payment and returns the result.
  • GetPublishableClientSideKey: This method is only for embedded client side forms. It returns the publishable key to communicate with the provider's bridge.

Payment Gateway Integration Framework - Architecture Design

In this page you can find the architectural diagram of the payment gateway framework

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