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Activating Paymill Gateway

IwCP offers a straightforward facility to configure the Paymill payment gateway. After registering to Paymill you can proceed to setting up a test environment for checking the process and learning how to work with it. Then, just as easily, you can proceed with switching to live and get ready to accept payments from your customers!

Using Paymill for Credit Card Payment via Checkout

Once Paymill is configured at your IwCP, a new step will be displayed during checkout, where the credit card details are filled in. The payment is automatically routed and upon succesful completion the subscription is created. This page contains information as to the checking out process with Paymill integration.

Paying Recurring Subscriptions using Paymill Gateway

IwCP only supports the redirection method for performing automated payments through Paymill. That means that reccuring payments can only be initiated by the user. This page explains the available processes to facilitate that. In order to perform the reccuring payments a customer has two options: One is to use the Storefront facilities for paying the charges and the other is to pay through the respective system invoice, using the appropriate link.

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