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Some basic billing settings for subscription based products lay on the 'Products' module. Those can be found at the 'Pricing' section:

  • Usage Charge Rule: If the customer is functioning under proration, through this setting you can arrange the charges to be calculated either in analogy to actual per diem usage (e.g. if the customer purchases something within the billing period) or you can charge the entire amount of the product for the selected billing period, regardless of the usage.
  •  Exclude from pro-rata: When this setting is enabled, the subscription for the product or service in question will not be created according to the proration settings that are defined on customer level, but will define a billing period starting immediately from the day the product was purchased, with this date as a billing date.
  • Upfront Billing: You can check this option if you want to charge for any product or service in advance. A subscription to an upfront billed product will generate an invoice at the customers billing day, carrying the whole amount for the next billing period.
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