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Supported versions: Any version of Quickbooks on

Supported Synchronization Options: Accounts, Contact, Products, Invoices, Orders, Payments

Quickbooks API Settings

In order to use Integration Framework with Quickbooks, BSS needs to authenticate itself by using OAuth2 (ClientID, ClientSecret). These values can be retrieved by an already created application on Quickbooks or by a new application. 

Activating the Quickbooks Connector

The activation of the integration connector can be done from BSS Setup.

For creating a new Quickbooks instance you must navigate to BSS > Setup > System Options > Systems Setup and select the Settings action for the Quickbooks connector.

Quickbooks Supported Push and Pull Methods

This page explains which are the Push and Pull methods supported by Quickbooks connector. Push are the methods where platform sends information to Quickbooks and pull are the methods where we get information from Quickbooks . For each method the data transformation schema is explained.








Customizing Quickbooks Connector

If you want to extend or amend the out-of-the-box functionality that is offered from our Quickbooks connector, you can do so by following the process described in this page. The extensions you can do is to change the mapping between the and Quickbooks entities, or to implement new push and pull methods that are not currently supported from our connector.

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