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3.23.2 Release

Confirm Customer's Acceptance of MCA from BSS

In this release we completed the MCA functionality by allowing the BSS users to confirm that they got customer's acceptance of MCA when they place a new order or amend an existing Office 365 subscription. The system will ask for confirmation when the BSS user:

3.23.1 Release

Sub Customer is Related with Reseller's MPN ID During Import

The sub customers of a reseller that are imported in your BSS using our Microsoft import tool are now related with reseller's MPN ID. For each Microsoft tenant that is created in BSS as a sub customer of a reseller, we now set in his sync options reseller's MPN ID in the related field.

3.23.0 Release

Microsoft Cloud Agreement (MCA)

As partners of Microsoft you need to obtain your customer’s acceptance of the Microsoft Cloud Agreement (MCA) before you can order Microsoft products and services for that customer. For complying with Microsoft new requirements, we released the first version of our MCA feature where your direct customers and resellers will be able to confirm the acceptance of the MCA when they are placing an order in your Marketplace.

We have also included a "skip" action for your customers and resellers to continue without giving this confirmation, since Microsoft has extended the deadline for partners who are confirming the MCA customer acceptance through Partner Center APIs (i.e through our platform) until 22 March, 2019.

We have included in this release the following automations:

  • Obtain your customer's acceptance of the MCA before placing an order for Microsoft products in your Marketplace.
  • Obtain from your resellers the confirmation that their customers have accepted the MCA before placing an order on behalf of them in your Marketplace.
  • Have a log when your customers or resellers confirmed the acceptance of MCA

3.22.1 Release

Bulk Import and Update of Products

The bulk import and update of your product catalogue can now be achieved using our Products Importer tool that is available in product module. Using our importer, you can upload an excel file with your products and the products will be imported / updated by mapping excel columns with product properties.

3.21.4 Release

Release of Microsoft  Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) Service Manager

ESD is a software licenses distribution model by Microsoft, where distributors are able to accept purchase orders from resellers and deliver software perpetual licenses to end-customers. The ESD integration with platform will allow the instant delivery of all ESD products straight to the end-customer by email. The products are ready to use immediately after digital delivery. This new integration facilitates the ordering and fulfillment processes for customers. It helps you get rid off costs associated with Physical Media handling needs and increase their long-term profitability against old-fashioned box software.

NOTE: The ESD model is available only to authorized Distributors by Microsoft globally.

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