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3.24.11 Release

Availability of Storefront v4 BETA

The first version of our new Storefront is ready including a new responsive interface, a new Search Engine Optimization (SEO) feature and a revamped interface.

Responsive Interface

Navigating through your Marketplace is now available from mobile phones and tabletsA responsive Marketplace rearranges elements to fit any screen, giving the ability to your resellers and customers to use all Marketplace features on-the-go, monitor their cloud sales and take business decisions outside the office.

Search Engine Optimization

Rank higher on search engines globally and get discovered by more people. Our new Search Engine Optimization (SEO) feature aims at improving the user-experience and usability of your Marketplace.

Next week we will reveal more about our new Storefront but you can always contact directly our customer success team for more details!

Microsoft Azure Reservations Available for your Tenant Resellers or Country Tenants

In this release we completed the Availability of Azure Reservations for your tenant resellers and country tenants. You can now add the "Microsoft Azure Reserved Instances" product in your tenant price lists for pushing it down by executing the "Update tenant" process.

Your tenants will be able to price the Azure reservation with the same way you do, but for your tenant the cost price for the Azure Reservations is the price they are purchasing from you and not the Microsoft cost price.

3.24.9 Release

Notifications for Updated Subscriptions

In this release we improved our mechanism for sending notifications for updated subscriptions. From this release a subscriptions is also considered as updated when it meets one of the following criteria:

  1. On Renewal. When a Subscription is getting renewed through any procedure we are going to consider it as updated it.
  2. On amount changing. A subscriptions is marked as updated when its amount is being changed. 
    Note: Specifically for the Microsoft Azure subscriptions, this means that are considered updated when we collect the usage charges and we update the subscription amount.
  3. On subscription status change
  4. On change quantity
  5. On adding an addon
  6. On changing add-on quantity and amount

For more details, please check Notifications for updated subscriptions

3.24.8 Release

Enforcement of Microsoft Cloud Agreement from 22nd of March

March 22, 2019 is the effective date for the Microsoft Cloud Agreement (MCA) customer confirmation acceptance. Beginning March 22, 2019, when a CSP partner initiates a transaction for a new or existing customer using the Partner Center API, Microsoft’s systems will automatically check if the customer confirmation information is present. If it is not present, the transaction will not be able to be completed.

In this release we removed from the MCA pop-up form the "skip" option, from both BSS and Storefront, for your resellers and your customers to be forced to confirm the acceptance of MCA before placing their order.

How this will be enforced in your system?

  • For the customers that are operated in Azure EU deployment, the 3.24.8 release will be applied on 21sth of March at 22:00 GMT.
  • For the customers that are operated in Azure US deployment, the 3.2.48 release will be applied on 22nd of March at 02:00 AM EST .
  • The customers that are having on-premise deployment must inform their IT teams to upgrade to 3.24.8 as soon as possible.

Check Confirm Customer Acceptance of Microsoft Cloud Agreement (MCA) for more details.

3.24.7 Release

Setting Microsoft Subscription Partner-On-Record field based on your CSP Status

Recently Microsoft introduced the following restrictions regarding the Partner-On-Record (POR) subscription field (it is the field for relating a Microsoft subscription with an indirect reseller):

  • For direct CSPs, this field must always be empty for Microsoft to include this subscription for the calculation of Direct CPS rebates.
  • For indirect CSPs, this field must be the MPN ID of the indirect reseller that manages this subscription.

For complying 100% with the above rules, we have done the following changes:

  1. We introduced in our system a way to define whether you are a direct or indirect CSP. A new field was added in Microsoft settings called "CSP Status".

  2. We removed the MPN ID field from "Microsoft Cloud Services" Settings page since CSP MPN ID is no longer related with the Microsoft subscriptions.
  3. The "Reseller (MPN ID)" account sync option was removed from:
    1. Direct CSP organizations
    2. Tenant resellers.
  4. The "Reseller (MPN ID)" account sync option was kept for:
    1. Indirect CSPs
    2. Country tenants of indirect CSPs

For more details please check Activating the MS Cloud Services in BSS and Account Synchronization Options.

Important Notice for On-premise Installations

If you are a Microsoft CSP with an on-premise installation of our platform, the 3.24.7 patch includes a form for defining which Microsoft Cloud Services instances in your root organization are for your indirect CSP status.

3.24.6 Release

Microsoft Azure Reservations BETA

In this release we delivered the final version of our Storefront Ordering Wizard  that includes improvements for faster loading of the available RIs . This wizard includes a set of filters (Data Center, Terms, Category, Cores and Ram) for the user to identify the Azure Reservation he wishes. 

The prices in the form are calculated dynamically based on the margin you have defined for your Azure reservations.
Note: The completion of the ordering process via Storefront will be completed in the next release.

For more details, please check Ordering an Azure Reservation from Storefront

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