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3.25.1 Release

Integration Framework Improvements

This release include the following improvements for our integration framework.

The account responsible user is now available

The User JSON object is now available in our integration framework and the Account object includes a User object property for getting the details of account responsible user.

User Object
"id" : int,
"name" : string,
"createdAt" : DateTimeOffset,
"updatedAt" : DateTimeOffset,
"firstName" : string,
"lastName" : string,
"email" : string,
"contact" : Contact Object,
"currency" : Currency Object,
"userType" : string
The transaction currency is returned for the Invoice object

We introduced a new object called InvoiceCurrency that keeps the exchange rate between the base and transaction currency of the invoice.

InvoiceCurrency Object
"id" : Guid,
"currency" : Currency Object,
"rateDate" : DateTimeOffset?,

This information is now available for each invoice from the following properties

"transactionCurrency" : Currency Object,
"transactionExchangeRate" : decimal?
"invoiceCurrency" : InvoiceCurrency Object
Payment method is now available for the Account object

The following property has been added in Account object for returning his payment method

"paymentMethod" : PaymentMethod Object
Addition of new fields for the Payment Method object

The following properties have been added for the Payment Method Object

"active" : bool,
"default" : bool?,
"eRPName" : string,
"payDays" : int,
"type: " string,
"gateway" : PaymentGateway Object
The attributes of a product type property to be available for each product attribute value.

The following property has been added in Product Attribute Value object. 

"ProductTypeAttribute" : ProductTypeAttribute Object

Using this property you can easily find the attributes for the characteristics of a product.

3.24.15 Release

Kaspersky Lab Service Manager Launch

Kaspersky Lab is the world’s largest privately held vendor of endpoint protection solutions. The company is ranked among the world’s top four vendors of security solutions for endpoint users. It is an innovator in IT security and provides effective digital security solutions and threat management systems for consumers, SMBs and enterprises.

3.24.12 Release

Activation of Storefront v.4 BETA

We have activated Storefront v.4 to all our cloud deployments (Azure EU and Azure US) and we have also included in our installer the "Storefront v.4" component for our on-premise customers to activate it also.

For more details about the capabilities and the configuration options for Storefront v.4, check please Storefront V.4 (beta).

3.24.11 Release

Availability of Storefront v4 BETA

The first version of our new Storefront is ready including a new responsive interface, a new Search Engine Optimization (SEO) feature and a revamped interface.

Responsive Interface

Navigating through your Marketplace is now available from mobile phones and tabletsA responsive Marketplace rearranges elements to fit any screen, giving the ability to your resellers and customers to use all Marketplace features on-the-go, monitor their cloud sales and take business decisions outside the office.

Search Engine Optimization

Rank higher on search engines globally and get discovered by more people. Our new Search Engine Optimization (SEO) feature aims at improving the user-experience and usability of your Marketplace.

Next week we will reveal more about our new Storefront but you can always contact directly our customer success team for more details!

Microsoft Azure Reservations Available for your Tenant Resellers or Country Tenants

In this release we completed the Availability of Azure Reservations for your tenant resellers and country tenants. You can now add the "Microsoft Azure Reserved Instances" product in your tenant price lists for pushing it down by executing the "Update tenant" process.

Your tenants will be able to price the Azure reservation with the same way you do, but for your tenant the cost price for the Azure Reservations is the price they are purchasing from you and not the Microsoft cost price.

3.24.9 Release

Notifications for Updated Subscriptions

In this release we improved our mechanism for sending notifications for updated subscriptions. From this release a subscriptions is also considered as updated when it meets one of the following criteria:

  1. On Renewal. When a Subscription is getting renewed through any procedure we are going to consider it as updated it.
  2. On amount changing. A subscriptions is marked as updated when its amount is being changed. 
    Note: Specifically for the Microsoft Azure subscriptions, this means that are considered updated when we collect the usage charges and we update the subscription amount.
  3. On subscription status change
  4. On change quantity
  5. On adding an addon
  6. On changing add-on quantity and amount

For more details, please check Notifications for updated subscriptions

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