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3.24.4 Release

Support for Azure Reserved Instances BETA

This release includes the first deliverable of our automation mechanism for the Azure Reserved Instances. It includes the update the "Get Services Definition" action for creating the "container" RI product that represents the RI products in your BSS. The RIs implementation will be delivered in four phases:

1st delivery - Get Services Definition

The "Get Services Definition" action creates the new Reserved Instance product type and the RI container product.
Expected delivery date: this release

2nd Delivery - RIs products update & Pricing

This delivery will include the prices importer tool and the ordering wizard for the Storefront.

  • Prices Import tool - There will be a prices importer where you will upload Microsoft RIs pricing excel and our platform will automatically update the cost prices since this excel does not include any suggested retail prices.
  • Update of available RIs - The list of the available RIs is updated every time you upload the Microsoft RIs excel in the prices importer 
  • Reserved Instances Pricing - Ability to add the RI product in pricelist by setting your margin.

Expected delivery date: 21st of February

3rd Delivery - Ordering and Invoicing

  • Storefront Ordering Wizard -  An ordering wizard will be displayed when the customer selects to buy an RI from the details page of an Azure subscription. This wizard will have options for the customer to define what he is looking for. The prices in the wizard will have been calculated using the margin you have defined for the RIs.
  • Reserved Instances Invoicing - Billing of RIs based on your pricing model
  • Reserved Instances Assets - Presentation of RI purchases as asset records

Expected delivery date: 28th of February

With the completion of the 3nd delivery your reseller and customer will be able to fully order and manage their RIs.

4th Delivery - Ordering via BSS

This delivery will include the ordering wizard for BSS

  • BSS Ordering wizard -  The account manager will be able to place an RI order from the "Buy a Reservation" action that will be available in the details page of an Azure subscription. This action will open the ordering wizard with options for the account manager to define what he is looking for. This wizard will create a new BSS order with an order item for the selected RI

Expected delivery date: 8th of March

Check our Microsoft Reserved Instances FAQ for more implementation details

3.24.3 Release

Until this release we supported only the idle timeout that is the amount of time a BSS session will remain active in case there is no activity from the logged in user. In this release we introduced the max timeout also that is for defining the maximum amount of time a BSS session can be active. Upon reaching this timeout, the BSS user will be logged out automatically and he will be forced to login again for continue working with BSS.

3.24.1 Release

 AVG Service Manager Official Launch

AVG is a family of internet security applications developed by Avast, for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. The AVG Antivirus products include the proprietary versions that provide computer security, browser security, antivirus software, firewall, anti-phishing, antispyware, and anti-spam among other services. 

3.24.0 Release

Microsoft New Security Requirements - Consent Process has been Activated

Microsoft has introduced a new security framework to give CSP Partners and Control Panel Vendors (CPVs) a more secure application model through multi-tenant application authentication capability.

3.23.7 Release

Export Azure Current Consumption to an Excel File

Your customers and resellers can now export in an excel file the current consumption of their Azure subscriptions. This is possible from the export facility we added in the "Usage Records" section of an Azure subscription.

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