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If you are registered in European Unit and your Stripe merchant account supports SEPA direct debit payments, you can activate it for having your customers and reseller paying by using their bank account.

Activating SEPA Direct Debit Payments

For accepting SEPA direct debit payments, you should first ask Stripe to active the SEPA Direct Direct Debit option for your merchant account. Then you can activate in the BSS using the following steps:

  1. Enable the option "Enable Bank Accounts" in SEPA payment gateway setting page.

  2. Save the form.

Accepting Bank Account Payments

When your customers or your resellers will be redirected in the Payments step during the checkout process, they will have the option to pay using their bank account.

When you customers enter his bank account details, we are keeping a token for charging automatically any recurring charges our system will generate for customer's subscriptions using his bank account. 

The customer can also re-use the same bank account for any new order. When the customer places a new order he will have the option to use any credit card or bank account he has used in the past. The bank accounts are represented using the email he defined during the registration of his IBAN details.

In BSS, you will be able to see the same information in the "Credit Cards / Bank Accounts" section in account details page.

Localization of SEPA Form

The SEPA form can be localized using our Language Pack Tool. The labels you can localize are the following:

For finding these labels in the translation tool, just search with the keyword "iban".

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  1. Panagiotis Papanastasiou  from 3.26.9 that we released the new Payments Gateway SDK you no longer need to define a webhook on Stripe. Talk please with  Spiros Zafrantsas για να σου πει τι πρεπει να φύγει. Λογικά delete την παράγραφο θέλει αλλά δες το με τον Σπύρο.