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This tool facilitates the update of all Microsoft 365 license based products with prices from the official Microsoft partner center excel file. The process ensures that each month, the CSP catalog is maintained up-to-date.

We advise to avoid Firefox browser for running the update prices tool and use the Chrome browser instead. We are facing some issues with Firefox that they will be solved soon.

Accessing the tool

To access the tool, navigate to BSS Setup > Tools and open the Update Product Prices tool.

Update Product Prices

  1. On the browser screen select 'Browse' and locate the Partner Center price excel file for the month you wish to update. The system also accepts custom excel files.

    1. Fill in the fields and click on 'Read Prices':

    2. Microsoft Cloud Services Instance: Select the instance for O365 services you want to update

    3. Excel Sheet: Select the excel sheet containing the currency information you need

    4. Currency: The currency of the system

    5. OfferID Column: The column of the product code (by default set to E based on standard MS excel file, but also capable of accepting custom excel files)

    6. Purchase Price Column (List Price): The Microsoft list price(by default set to J based on standard MS excel file, but also capable of accepting custom excel files). 

    7. Sales Price Column (ERP Price): The Microsoft ERP price (by default set to K based on standard MS excel file, but also capable of accepting custom excel files)

      If the 'Browse' button is not available, then you might not have sufficient rights to run Flash content at your browser. To change this, navigate at your browser's 'Content' settings and add an exception for the BSS URL!

  2. The system will read the file and proceed to display the results. The process matches the SKU's from the excel file vs the SKU's that are linked to the selected instance and then proceeds to also match the price information. So, the cases are: products that have been matched in both the system and the file, products that exist in the file, but not in the system and products that exist in the system and not in the file. The process will display the prices for both file and system where available.

    1. OfferID: the MS SKU

    2. Name: The name of the product

    3. Purchase Price: The list price in both excel file and system

    4.  Sales Price: The ERP price in both excel and system

    5. Status: The system displays here the result of reconciliation

  3. Clicking 'Import Prices' will update the system with the displayed prices

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