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  Once Pelecard has been configured in your BSS, a new step will be displayed during checkout, where the customer will be redirected to a secure page hosted by Pelecard for entering his credit card details. 

Making a Purchase - New Customer

When a new customer checks out his basket, the button "Pay with pelecard" will be displayed for the customer to enter his credit card details. 

This button will redirect the customer to a secure page hosted by Pelecard for entering his credit card details.
Our system does not store neither submit any credit card details, all the details are entered in a page hosted by Pelecard. Our system keeps only a token for the recurring charges. 

Making a Purchase - Existing Customer

When an existing customer checks out his basket, he can pay using one of the existing credit cards or to enter a new one. These options are display in Payment step.

You can refer to information here for checking failed payment transactions

Managing Customers Credit Card Tokens

Every time the customer enters the details of a credit card in Pelecard hosted page, a token is stored in our platform for the credit card the customer used. This token is available in account details page, in Credit Cards section.

The only information we keep is the last 4 digits of the credit card and the expiration date.

The BSS user has some basic management actions for each credit card. This can be accessed by clicking on the credit card number hyperlink: 

Credit Card Priority

When the customer has more than one credit cards, the priority field is used for the system to know which credit card to use for the recurring charges. By default, the last card the customer added during checkout will have the highest priority but this can be changed from inside BSS.

Credit Card Status

If you set the status of a credit card to inactive, the customer will no longer be able to use this card in Storefront (it will not be available in credit cards list in basket) and the system will not use it for the recurring charges.




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Additinal Resources

Viva site

Test Credit Cards

A successful transaction can be simulated (in the demo environment only), with the card number 4111 1111 1111 1111 with any valid date and 111 for the CVV2. All other card numbers will result in a failed transaction

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