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  • Setup your OrganizationAccess BSS setup area for managing your users and for customising all BSS entities
    • Manage Users
    • Setup of Permission Rules
    • Customize Entities Fields
    • Managing your CurrenciesOur platform support to have values for your products in multiple currencies. This page explains how you will define which currencies are available and the currency culture prefernces.
    • BSS Setup ToolsBSS Setup Tools hosts various tools that facilitate important administrative / maintenance actions within the platform. Access to the section is subject to user rights. 
    • Language Pack Management
    • Log RecordsThere are some actions within cloud platform that demand the consent of the customer before being effected. Cloud platform maintains a complete log of such consents and provides an interface to access them. In this page we guide you on locating any required event.
  • BillingOur billing module helps you manage recurring subscriptions, billing intervals, trial periods, invoicing, pro-rating, promotions, taxation and payments in an easy to use, automated system.
  • SupportWith Platform, there is no more need for a separate ticketing system. Your support workflow is totally automated. From the single sign on environment of the Storefront, your customers can also place their support tickets and get updates on every issue they have pinpointed.
  • Notifications
    • Setup a NotificationThis page provides detailed information on configuring and utilizing the email notifications engine to reflect your business requirements. The system comes ready with some basic notifications, but the user is free to enable new notifications according to emerging operational needs. 
    • Available System Platforms comes ready with a number of preconfigured Email Notifications to cater for every communication need between you and your end-customers! These notifications are dispatched from the Platform, triggered by various events that can take place (e.g. Concluding an order, Creating a subscription, Canceling a subscription, Invoice reminder etc.). The existing notifications can also be configured to be dispatched internally so that you are always on top of every event that conc
    • Subscriptions Notifications
  • Reporting
  • Interworks.Cloud Platform Cookies

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