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This page explains how a price group is created in order to assign products to it and then relate a price group to a price list.  By this way you can easily manage price lists and discounts. 

Create a New Price Group

For creating a new Price Group, you must do the following:

  1. Go to Setup > Billing > Products > Price Groups

  2. At the Price Group page, click at Add button and type a name and a description for the new price group.  

  3. Click at Save and Exit Setup

Relate products with a Price Group

You can relate a product to a Price Group either by editing it or by bulk assignment. 

Relate product with a price group from the detailed page 

    1. Go to Billing > Products
    2. Click at the name of the product that you want to add to a Price Group.
    3. Click at Edit button.

    4. At the Product Edit Page, at dropdown list "Prod. Price Group" select the Price Group and click at Save. 

Bulk assignment to price group

    1. At the products list page, at the List View tab, click at the checkboxes of the products that you want to add to a Price Group.

    2. From "Actions" click at "Bulk Assignment To Price Group". 

    3. At the pop-up window click at a Price Group.

    4. A message will appear at the pop-up window informing you about the result of the assignment. Click at close.  

Remember you can use Advanced Search of Products in order to find all the products you want and then assign them at a Price Group.

Add a Price Group to a Price List

Follow the next steps to add a price group to a price list and assign easily pricing methods to price groups. 

  1. Go to Billing > Price Lists.
  2. At the Price lists page, click at the name of a Price List to edit it.
    *If you cannot find a price list that suits you, you can create a new price list by clicking at Add button, typing a name, clicking at the checkbox Active and saving it.
  3. At the Price List Edit page  go to tab Products > Quick Add > Price Groups 

  4. At the pop-up window> check the desired Price Group > click at the button Insert to Selected > click at the button Same Pricing Rule. 

  5. At the new pop-up window  click at the desired Unit Groups (e.g. Month), then select a Pricing Method (e.g. Percent of Sell Price,  type the Percentage Discount and click at Save. 

  6. At the Price List > Products tab > Price Groups, you can see the related price groups. 

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