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Storefront V4 New Capabilities

The first version of our new Storefront includes a new responsive interface, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features and a revamped interface.

Storefront V4 - What's next

The next editions of Storefront v4 will include improvements on performance, more SEO capabilities, a new UI experience with the release of a new template and a management portal for accessing all new configuration and rebranding options.

Working with Storefront v4

You can start working with Storefront v4 in parallel with your productive Storefront. Storefront v4 runs in a different URL and while you are checking its functionality and you are working on rebranding it, your customers will continue using the current Storefront in production. 

Storefront v4 Options

The options of Storefront V4 are included in the "New Storefront" tab that is part of the "Storefront Configuration" setup section. 

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  1. Pelagia Papoulidou  Milena Kalatha  Anastasios Tsipidis  it's almost ready. I need some clarifications from the dev team and tomorrow I will finish it

  2. Pelagia Papoulidou  Milena Kalatha  the documentation is ready (I have done it public) but we need to coordinate with the dev team for including in the installer the SF v4 (for the on premise) and also to activate it for all our cloud customers. I will have more next week for this, but as a marketing you can send your newsletter.

    cc Vicky Proikoglou  Stelios Draganidis  Anastasios Tsipidis