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AVG supports Renewal and Upgrade actions for the licenses. Let's see how you can manage these actions through the wizard.

Locating the AVG Wizard

  1. Log in to the Storefront and click 'View Plans'. Notice the 0.00 price since no SKU is selected

  2. The application will load the wizard, where you can select actions:

Renew and Upgrade Actions

  1. from the drop down list of the wizard the customer selects the appropriate action:
    1. Renew
    2. Renew and Upgrade
    3. Renew and Increase 
    4. Upgrade

  2. All the above actions require an additional field, containing the existing license key of the customer. 
    1. The customer provides the license key
    2. clicking 'Search' the system will display the details of the end-customer that uses the licenses
    3. The system will also display the available products for the provided license.
    4. 'Add to Basket' will move the process to the next step for the provisioning of the action

  3. The system will now follow the process for selecting the end-customer and that's it!
  4. The system will provide the new license KEY through a notification

If the customer uses a License Key that does not support any further actions, the system will display an appropriate error:

Inserting Wrong License Key

If the customer inserts a wrong key by mistake, then an error is displayed:

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