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In platform you can define your Acronis offerings and their add-ons by creating products of type Acronis Backup Storage.

Definition of an Acronis Product

The definition of an Acronis product is very simple since you only need to define the correct product type, the storage (local or cloud) it includes and its pricing.

The above parading is an Acronis Backup plan with 50G of cloud storage and 50GB of local storage that is billed per month. Of course you can define plans with different storage size and type that will be billed not only per month.

Definition of an Add-on for Extra Storage

You can define add-ons for your customers to purchase extra storage (either cloud or local storage). By creating an add-on you have to define the extra storage you want to give by setting the correct value in the correspondent product characteristic.

Below is a parading of an add-on for purchasing 10G of extra storage and 0GB for local storage.

You can define more than one add-on if you wish to have packages of storage available for your customers (e.g. packages of 10G, 25G or 100G cloud or local storage) with different price per GB because of the volume. When you create a storage add-on make sure that the values of the Storage(GB)  and Local Storage(GB) properties to correspond to the storage you want. 

You can proceed by learning how to order for an Acronis product  Next

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