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Installation: https://downloads.interworkscloud.net/patches/3.25.0/CloudPlatform.Patch.3.25.1.zip 
You must upgrade first to 3.25.0 using the interworks.cloud installer before applying this patch

Integration Framework Improvements

This release include the following improvements for our integration framework.

The account responsible user is now available

The User JSON object is now available in our integration framework and the Account object includes a User object property for getting the details of account responsible user.

"id" : int,
"name" : string,
"createdAt" : DateTimeOffset,
"updatedAt" : DateTimeOffset,
"firstName" : string,
"lastName" : string,
"email" : string,
"contact" : Contact Object,
"currency" : Currency Object,
"userType" : string

The transaction currency is returned for the Invoice object

We introduced a new object called InvoiceCurrency that keeps the exchange rate between the base and transaction currency of the invoice.

"id" : Guid,
"currency" : Currency Object,
"rateDate" : DateTimeOffset?,

This information is now available for each invoice from the following properties

"transactionCurrency" : Currency Object,
"transactionExchangeRate" : decimal?
"invoiceCurrency" : InvoiceCurrency Object

Payment method is now available for the Account object

The following property has been added in Account object for returning his payment method

"paymentMethod" : PaymentMethod Object

Addition of new fields for the Payment Method object

The following properties have been added for the Payment Method Object

"active" : bool,
"default" : bool?,
"eRPName" : string,
"payDays" : int,
"type: " string,
"gateway" : PaymentGateway Object

The attributes of a product type property to be available for each product attribute value.

The following property has been added in Product Attribute Value object. 

"ProductTypeAttribute" : ProductTypeAttribute Object

Using this property you can easily find the attributes for the characteristics of a product.

For more details, check please interworks.cloud JSON Objects

On this page

Acceptance of Storefront Terms of Use from Users Created from BSS Administrators

In this release, we covered the gap we had for the activation of a Storefront user that does not self-register but he is created from a BSS user. From this release, Storefront users that are created from a BSS user are enforced to accept the terms of use before allowing them to login in your Storefront. The acceptance of the terms has been added in the page where they define their password. 

Microsoft Addon ID is now Available in Reports

In this release, we exposed in our reports the field "Addon External ID" which is the ID Microsoft keeps for subscription add-ons. Using this new property you can include in your reports the ID Microsoft returns when an add-on is added in a subscription.

Retries of Failed Payments to be executed for Invoice Unpaid Amount

In this release we improved the retry mechanism for the failed credit card payments. What we changed in this release is the amount to be recalculated in every attempt instead of using the amount of the last failed attempt. With this new approach we covered the scenario where the customer partially paid the invoice by adding a payment directly from your Storefront in the period between two attempts.

Storefront v4 Update

In this release we included the support of Microsoft Azure Reservations. The ordering and provisioning flow is now fully supported in Storefront v4.

Include BSS Invoice Code in Stripe Payment Records

We included the code of the paid BSS invoice in the transaction description we are sending to  Stripe Payment Gateway.

Resolved Issues

Issues fixed in  3.25.0




"I want to.." subscription menu is not displayed for an Azure subscription if the subscription is not eligible for Azure Reservation purchase

EXL-7032The Microsoft trial subscription are not loaded in the Subscriptions reconciliation tool 
EXL-3927Logo is not displayed when a print-out is saved in pdf format.
EXL-6868When a subscription is deleted in tenant organization is not deleted in root organization too.
EXL-6905QuickBooks connector fails to push data because of token expiration
EXL-6963When an add-on is purchased separately from Storefront -on is not charged for the subscription remaining period, but for the full billing cycle.
EXL-6966Products Importer stucks for very big excel files.
EXL-7018The Update of Reserved Instances prices fails because of empty lines at the end of prices excel file.

Issues fixed in  3.25.1



IMP-2185The system to set the subscription as failed if the extra licenses cannot be purchased because the subscription in partner center is related with different MPNID from the one we keep for the reseller in BSS.
EXL-5280Authorization check issues for integration connectors
EXL-6781Today is not accepted as a valid date in MCA pop-up form because of timezone differences.
EXL-6876Orders for licenses increase fail to be executed
EXL-6881Custom translations are lost after platform update
EXL-6918Loading of a product crashes in Vivaldi browser for Accounts with pricelist attached. 
EXL-7128MS trial subscription can be deleted from BSS.
EXL-7058Storefront first page crashes if for the definition of the most popular products you define the number of months as a decimal number.